Remarkable Things People Found Washed Up On The #Beach

Through The Looking Glass
These glass-like creatures visit the coasts of the united stated every #few weeks, giving beachgoers a true sight to behold. Surprisingly, their frequent appearance on the shore doesn’t harm the species at #all.
Miss Congeniality
This fish only wanted to be part of our #world, but sadly he was rejected over their looks. Maybe, as a society, we will #learn to see that what is on the inside matters. But for now, that’s one #ugly fish.
A Spineless Whale
​It has become a recurring event for bones washing up on the shore across the #planet. They are sent to labs to be examined and then displayed across #museums or maritime centers.
Big Calamari
What's the point?
He's Heading Somewhere
Double Feature
Not Pickles
An American Dinosaur
Looking On
Doing A 180
It's Not What You Think
Hump Day
A Whale's Tale
Murder Mystery
The oarfish
Clumpy Ocean
Blob, Blob, Blob
What A Mass!
Melting Point
Snow Fight!
Pushing Driftwood
There's A Dice In The Water
El DeBarge
Elmo's Beach Day
The Return Of The Couch
All Aboard!
Plane And Simple
Robots Don't Need Hands
Sadistic Lego
Riding Into The Sunset
If this isn’t great publicity, then we don’t know what is. The bike that can take you anywhere you want, whenever you want. Sign us up for the next group purchase. These bikes rule!
Failure To Send
Rubber Ducks
Plane Down
The Importance Of Palm Oil
Olympic Runaway
Shopping At Sea
Tired Of This
Ancient Sandstone
Lady Liz
The Lego Man
Bottled Up

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