Make Your Own #Vitamin C Supplement At Home – It’s #Easy And Costs You Nothing!

Did you know you can make your own vitamin-rich #supplement at home, without GMO, additives, and other #harmful substances? In addition, you will end up saving lots of #money.

On the other hand, #homemade vitamin C powders are much better than any store-bought supplement. Plus, they are #cheaper and you can even make candy that your kids will adore.

Nowadays, lots of people prefer taking #vitamin C supplements as a remedy for the common cold. Since they stimulate tissue #growth and contain #antioxidants that help block free radical damage.

Unlike vitamin D, which is produced from the #sun, our body on the other hand does not make Vitamin C which makes it an #important nutrient to have on hand. Therefore, the only way to get enough #vitamin C is through supplements, and #food sources.

Currently, most vitamin C supplements on the market come from #genetically engineered corn. Henceforth, eating foods that contain #vitamin C is a much better solution of this vitamin than those store-bought supplements.

Fortunately, there is a much better option to make your own #vitamin C without paying a dime. In fact, this simple #homemade version is made from lemon peels and has all the enzymes that permit the Vitamin C to be 100% absorbed into your body.

Citrus fruits are known to provide powerful #antioxidant properties. Plus, the flavonoid contained in peels of tangerines, grapefruits, and #lemons has the ability to reduce cell damage induced by radiation.

Here’s how to make your own #vitamin C supplement at home:

At first, you will need to buy a few #organic citrus fruits. Then, you can eat the fruit and save the #peels to make your own dried citrus powder. In fact, follow these instructions and enjoy the #benefits of vitamin C.

  1. Take your peels and spread them onto a #dehydrator tray.
  2. Dehydrate them in your oven at 100ºF for 6-9 hours or until they are #dry and crispy.
  3. Grind the peels in a blender or #coarse as you want, it is up to you.
  4. Put the powder in an airtight container and #store it in a cool place.

Once your #citrus powder is done, take one rounded teaspoon every day. You can add your #homemade vitamin C to smoothies, soups, salads, #juices, or raw desserts. For instance, a tablespoon of #lemon peel has 2 times more vitamin C and 3 times more fiber than a lemon wedge. You can use your #immune-boosting powder any time you want.

Note: Do not add it to #hot drinks or foods since, the heat will destroy all the enzymes.


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