20+ Hilariously Awkward Wedding Photos That Will Make You Seriously Cringe

It’s fair to say that brides and grooms worldwide have different styles, tastes, and distinct ideas of what their wedding photos should #look like. While some people prefer a nice, tasteful approach to their wedding photos others like to think outside of the box and do something that nobody has #ever seen before. We’re not saying we don’t love #creativity – we do! But we think that the people on this list should’ve checked with friends and family before charging ahead with these #photos. Get ready for some of the strangest, most inappropriate, and hilarious wedding photos on the #internet! So scroll down to have a #good laugh!

Their Love For Watermelon In One Picture
The (Not So) Perfect Family Portrait
Didn't Mom Tell You Not To Play With Your Food?

We have no idea why they thought this would be a great idea, but hey, at least it’s an #original photo.

For All The Bread Lovers In The World
Is It Time To Go Home Yet?
When You Want A Pirate-Themed Wedding But The Budget Is Not Enough For Some Gold Teeth
Her Love Was Found At The Bottom Of This Bottle
An Awkward Bathtub Moment
When You Want To Be The "Centaur Of Attention"
Keeping The Magic Alive
Challenging Gender Roles In The Most Awkward Way
4 Or 5 Cocktails Later...
Talk About A Magic Carpet Ride
The Bride And Groom Are Now One
Fellas, Is This A Metaphor For How Marriage Is?
Terrifying... Creepy... We Don't Have Enough Words For This
We Should Not Be Seeing This
When Your Photo Editing Skills Need Some Work

That Is Either A Giant Swan Or A Tiny Couple
Celebrating Early
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